Odoo Making Tax Digital as a Service

With Odoo MTD connector you can enjoy the freedom of open source and still be compliant 

Odoo is a management software that fits all sizes. This software is for small, medium and large companies.

Your company's information is all in one place. You don't have to go back and forth to check something.


Odoo • Management Software that fits all sizes

Community and Enterprise Editions

We support both community and enterprise edditions

Earlier Versions

Currently support versions 10.0, 11.0 and 12.0

Submit VAT Report

Allows VAT Report submission through HMRC web services

View VAT Obligations and Liabilities

Allows viewing VAT obligations and liabilities

Relate each tax entry to the respective report

Our module saves the relationship between each tax entry and the submitted report, this means that nothing stays behind.

Fuel Scale Charges Calculation

We provide a easy form for calculating and journalizing the fuel scale charges on your Chart of Accounts

Not only compliant, but also targeting the best UK accounting standards


recognized by HMRC use the search box for ODOOMTD

brought to you by https://www.odoogap.com

Why we decide to provide the connector as service?

API software credentials are issued by HMRC to the software vendor, so if something happens with those credentials all customers can be locked.

Now, since the code is visible on the App store, we could expose those credentials and that would lead to a uncontrolled situation. Also, doing this as a service will allow us to progressively improve other related MTD phases.

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