How to Sign Up for MTD

Most businesses can now sign up with  HMRC  for Making Tax Digital ( MTD ) for  VAT . Adopting  MTD  early gives you the chance to get familiar with submitting your  VAT  Returns under the new system before it becomes mandatory.

When to sign up

Once you sign up for MTD,  you must submit your VAT Returns under the new MTD system. Before you sign up for MTD, check the following:

  • The last  VAT Return you want to submit under the Government Gateway has been  reconciled and submitted.
  • Your  VAT settings are correct.
  • Signing up for  MTD must be done at least 5 working days after your last non- MTD  VAT Return submission and at least 8 working days before your first  MTD  VAT Return submission.

Sign up for  MTD

 If your business is not yet eligible to sign up for MTD, a message appears to advise this.

  • 4.
    Follow the on-screen prompts, providing any requested information.
  • 5.
    When you receive a verification email, click the link in the email to verify your email address.
  • 6.
    Read and accept the terms of participation.

HMRC will then confirm if you can start submitting  VAT Returns under  MTD – this confirmation usually occurs within 24 hours. 
When submitting under  MTD, businesses can continue to use their existing Government Gateway user ID and password credentials. Agents must use the new credentials they created as part of the Agent Services Account setup.